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Challenger Pro Stock Concept Vid

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So basicly dodge is way FUCKINg cooler than chevy... GOd damnit chevy why the fuck cant you guys do any fucking cool things like this. Seriously i love chevys but FUCK dodge and ford always have the coolest marketing tech. and do alot cooler shit than chevy does. Dodge and ford : oh yeah lets make some really fast trucks. Get the lightest ones we got and put the biggest power plants we have in it. hell lets s/c them too! Chevy : oh no they have fast trucks.... ok lets take umm... yeah get that ECSB cause we want our people to have room to put their seats back... throw in a ok motor.. dont want to go TO balls to the balls, got to be conservative.. oh yeah add some fucking weight on there, slap that AWD shit on it. Ok cool now we got the SS! Seriously chevy always does lame ass shit, fucking dodge does it up. Would chevy ever take the new concept camero and turn it into a street/strip car just to show it off... FUCK NO, they would say yeah you can buy our stock model and if you wanted it like that YOU could build it. bunch of conservative fucking assholes. MOTHER FUCKERS... let me run chevy, I would be building the COOLEST shit out there. you would be able to get a coloado with the 6.0L in it. The new vettes would come with a twin turbo system that would put 800hp to the ground stock. for a HUGE price tag you could get a RWD cobolt with a 5.3L in it. The new SS would be a RCSB with the 8.1L S/C right from the factory. All these would have huge price tags but damnit at least If i ran the place we would offer them. FUCK
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wow Kid_rock_gtx i dont think i could of put it any better myself. Im fucking tired of every body haveing the coolest shit, Like how ford has king ranch, harley davidson, tonka.....Gm gets North Face and only puts it in the avalanche and we saw how well that worked. Also why do they keep putting the LS2 in fucking everything damn. I know theres noting wrong with the engine but geeze let some of the Cars be different. Now i have to deal with my damn roomate saying well why is the tundra faster than everything and how big the rearend is and how much room it has blah blah blah. Fuck someone needs to slap GM execs and rip there fucking vaginas off. End Rant!
PS thats a bad ass video and is a pure example of what GM should be doing but is not.
it could be the fact that GM expects our supply of oil and fossil fuels to die out in the near future and doesnt want to put major funds into anything like that

Although it is lame not to and I would like for them to do it :crazy:
very sweet
:drool: holy crap. im all for chevy but holy crap! :drool:

I want one so bad!
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