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change of plans.... $$

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well, i was going to order all of my new stuff for the truck today- but its about time i buy a house- so instead of buying $5000 worth of goodies for myself, my chick and i are getting a new house built- haha... anyway

this is my new plan, 2.5 in leveling kit, and i want to drop the back 2 inches... again, i have an 09 cc 4wd..any pics of that? just a slight cali is all i want out of it.. thx guys- appreciate it!
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Yeah, I can't think of any members or trucks I've seen with your specific request. I would just do the 2.5" leveling kit and slap some 33's on there.

You could always take the rear block out and see how you like it. It wouldn't take much to put the blocks back in if you didn't like the look. I would probably buy new U-bolts if I did that though.
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