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I understand Cali on a lifted truck, well not really but I see how it happens, but to intentionally do it on a other wise stock truck...:think:

What does your girl think of this? I bet she would think something is wrong with your truck and not want to ride in it in fear of it breaking and being stranded or worse. Just throwing out ideas for ya there bud!

Thinking about it, I wonder how many times the four wheel parts places get calls for just the front lift out there?

"yes I need to inquire about the fabtech 6" kit on the 09 Silverado, but how much for just the front lift?"

"come again?"

"I don't want to lift the back, only the front, how much would that save me"

"click" phone hangs up

Its like the ricers of the truck world, where the cars only buy half their wheels and unpainted body kits, the trucks only get half a lift kit...


and yes apinechevy has that setup!!! looks good imo
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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