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Cheap ass Mod

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I did this a while back. I painted the indented GMC logo on the steering wheel. Buy you a $2 paint pen and paint away!

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Aberbaseball7 said:
You know I was looking at that today, and thought about it... Looks like I will have to to mine...
It's very easy Aberbaseball7 for our trucks cause it's indented so much you can't really fluck up on it. And if you do just get some mild paint thinner.

just go buy some touch up paint that has the nailpolish style applicator and have at it. I painted the bowtie on my '00 with red touch up paint (truck was red) I also painted my GMC emblem with pewter touch up paint from the dealership. Looks just like carbon's

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Stop post diggin god damnit!

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I was wondering why Claye had a GMC steering wheel on his Chevy until I saw the date of the thread :lol:
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