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Cheap compressor setup

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My buddy just bought a campell hausfeld compressor from walmart. It really wasn't too bad of a deal IMO. It is jsut a small oil free 8 gal 2hp. It was $150 on clearance (reg $197). It was the last one they had. Came with impact, some sockets, 3/8 ratchet, line, fittings, oil, tire chuck, air nozzle, teflon tape, and tool oil. Basically, the whole basic setup you'd need. Pretty good starter set. The nice thing about it too is that it is portable, even in a car, and doesn't need a huge circuit for it.

Now I know they are cheap tools, yada yada. I would guess the majority of people are lucky if they even have that much cheap shit. Nohting is more annoying to me when I am fixing someone's computer and they don't even own a phillips screwdriver. Everything does have a 1 year warranty on it too. Even if the compressor can't keep up too well it beats the crap outta doing it by hand! You'd probably spend the same amount of time, but 1/5 of the effort. For the average home user not to shabby of a deal. All he really is using it for is rotating tires, filling them, blowing stuff, etc. nothing major. If he does need more he can always upgrade :D
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My friend has a cheap 22 gal 2.5 hp CH good for us most of the time, except when we had to grind off old bumpstops with a cutoff wheel...
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