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Cheapest Place to Buy Swamper LTBs?

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Hey everyone, me and my brother in law are slightly lifting his pathfinder and we are gonna slap some LTB's on it.. the 34x10.50 ones. Anyways, im tryin to figure out where the cheapest place to buy them would be? Thanks alot!
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Don't buy them. What ever you do save your cash and get a better tire. I wish i hadn't wasted my money on these things.

Just incase u wanna know i got mine from 4 wheel parts. Got them during a buy 3 get one free and free shipping. I paid 425ish to my door. Cheapest ever.
Ltb's arent too road friendly IMO, They are more aggressive than a normal tsl. Call interco themselves and see what they can do for you.
337-344-3814 Interco Tire Corp.
They aren't well made tires is my problem. My sidewalls are splitting and inside cords are coming out of the tires. Getting new tires under the 5 year craftsmanship warranty. This happened to my buddys LTB's on his YJ also. When i called 4 wheel parts to return them he said they see sidewall splitting and just plain tire failure frequently with LTB's. They are cheap because they are made in mexico, and like that for a reason.

inside the tires


Edit: oh yeah that is less than 1500 miles also. My buddys YJ got 2400 miles before his did the same thing.
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hmm... that sucks about the splitting! I dunno.. im gonna talk to him now about maybe somethin else... I knew they wouldnt ride good.. one of our buddies has them on his tacoma, but he is putting these on an old pathfinder that we are putting a body lift on and a small suspension lift... it was kinda just gonna be for fun/beater toy... anyways, we were thinkin about the Q78's, but decided against them because they cost a bit more... but maybe we will do that instead now...
i havnt seen one damn person around here with LTB's

its all ssr's iroks boggers and tsl's

i say got with the Q-78 IMO and never look back

ull get 20k on road with them and they have a pretty deep tread
i had the LTB's on my wrangler and i had no splitting problems with them and i probably had 4-5k on em when i sold em. they just were crappy on the road but i expected that. i bought mine at
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Of the 5 people i know running them. You are the first that hasn't had some problem, but you also didn't run them long. Mine and my good buddy's split. one guy had cords pop through the tread. And 1 had a massive bulge in the sidewall. So from my experience they aren't that great.
when my buckshots wore out i was in a rush.I dropped my truck off and told them i wanted the cheapest 33 u can get here.i come back the next day and 33x13.50 swampers were on it!

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Yea, I had them too, but on my stockers. No problems.
i was thinking about them but they seemed way too scary
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