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Chevycaddy's rig

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TexK5 said:
Yup, 40k and no reserve would do it.

Its a nice truck, but its so personalized to his taste that its gonna be hard to sell it
Plus, you are hardly ever going to get your money out of a project unless it gains national notoriety and become famous or some person with money to burn just falls in love with it.

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very nice truck but i dont see him getting 40k for it. Its hard enuff to try to sale used cars with such low finacing the dealers are offering on new cars now. Its really hard to sale a custom truck at that too, youll never get what you put into it, I mean im sure he has a ton of money into it but when it comes down to it, its still a 2001 chevy ext 4wd. Blue book on it is probably only liek 14k
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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