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chrome boyds?

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does boyd coddington make chrome? i'm seein rims on ebay that claim to be chrome boyds but i thought they were only billet... such as these rims right here...

timeless 6 or the 6 lug magneatos for $850 a set.... (in 20 inch)

then theres another set of timeless 6's for $1,050.... are these real boyds or what? should i trust them?
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heres the link to the wheels

that same guy is selling them on SSM. They're not Boyds at all, but knockoffs, but I do like them better cause they're chrome. I want to buy that 1st set for mine if I ever sell my 20s.
how can you tell? the ones up for auction in the top pic are not actually the ones up for bid, it's the ones below them and they look just like the ones in the pic I posted.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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