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Classic Lock II

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I have a new body style Silverado and I am looking to put wheels and tires on it along with a leveling kit. Has anyone seen a new body style with MT Classic Lock II's on it. Also, my truck came stock with 20" wheels, can I go down in size to an 18 or even a 17. I don't see why I couldn't, but have never known for sure! Thanks!
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If its the NNBS, late 07+ im not sure if you can go smaller than a 17/18"? Unsure on that one, and i dont think M/T makes classic lock II's.....ive got the classic lock's with the black trim ring on my 01, just check out my photo's.

And Welcome btw.
Yea i figured I would be able to run 17s or 18s since most of the stock NNBS have them on rather than the factory 20s. Your truck looks great i had a 2002 very similar to that, that I miss terribly. Does anyone have pics of NNBS with Classic Locks???:wave:
never seen em on an nnbs...but classic locks in 20 look bad fuckin ass..

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i wish i did the locks and color matched the ring to my truck.
I think the classic locks are one of the best looking wheels on the market! I havent seen them on a NNBS yet tho. I think they would look great on anything...especially if the ring is color matched!
never seen em on an nnbs...but classic locks in 20 look bad fuckin ass..

I've been looking at picking up some new wheels (not feelin' my current 20's so much anymore, doesn't fit my prerunner look I'm shooting for), and so far the M/T Classic Lock's are at the top of my list (can't afford Walker Evans or Gordons, etc.).

But, now I'm really not sure if I should get them in 18" (smallest dia. I can fit with my 14" rotors), or 20" (currently have 20X8.5's).
I've been leaning towards the 18's, to get closer to the 16/17" look most commonly used on prerunners, but now that you post the photo of that 20" one up here it's almost swaying me back! Looks so damn powerful, that is a badass wheel right there!
Then again, the 20's are 5# heavier per wheel over the 18's...

Also gotta ask, do they only come in the polished silver? I know the rings come in a variety of colors, but do they really have to be purchased separately on top of the polished that comes with the wheels? Can't find anywhere that you can choose them as an option. Trying to pick some up for well under $1k shipped if possible.
If I can't find them in other color options I'll just have them powdercoated locally.
Probably go with either a flat grey wheel and black locks, or my other choice is flat black wheel (like my current 20's), but with a dark red beadlock for just a bit of hot-rod action.

What do you guys think?
Anyone have some photos? Please post'em up! Looking for 18's or 20's with either 33's or 35's... and maybe some black ones too if possible. I know some people out there have got to have some!
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Where are you guys finding 18" and 20" locks, and do they make them in 6 lug? MT's website doesn't even list them as an option, they stop at 17's.
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