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Cleaning My Garage

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I am trying to clean up my garage, make an offer on anything prices are Negotiable!

Stock Silverado Door Handles - $15 plus ship
Stock 99-02 Silverado Bowtie - $10 plus ship
Stock Blocks and U Bolts - $20 plus ship
Stock Skidplate - $30 plus ship
Stock Airdam - $25 plus ship
2 Sets of Stock Corner Lenses - $10 each set plus ship
Stock Z71 Silverado Shocks - $25 plus ship
Stock AM/FM Radio - $20 plus shipping
Jenson MP3510 Cd Reciever/mp3 player - $50 plus shipping
Set of Base Silverado Rims - $50
Stock Silverado Spare (265 Wilderness, never used)- $35

not pictured
Spare tire drop Mechanism thing - $15
6 Yellow Superlift Shock Boots - $10
4 Black Shock Boots - $5

If you want any more pictures of things just ask!

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kyle just take your zipcode plus mine of 42325 and check on ups site or call them when you have the in a box cause they will need the length width and height i think and the weight and they can give you a quote ups or fed ex is all that can pick them up cause i sure dont want to pay truck freight
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