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stock fan and shroud- 15k miles $35
stock cam, pushrods, and valve springs- 15k miles $110
stock torque converter- 12k miles $90
stock air box and filter with tube- 3k miles $40
stock Tstat- 15k miles $10
stock plug wires- 10k miles $25
stock fuel pump- 40k miles $75

Autometer cobalt a/f narrow band gauge with all wiring. used for about 2 months. ill take $40.

stock 5.3 heads. missing one exhaust and one intake valve. perfect condition with ls6 valve springs, locks and retainers. 30k miles- $75

brand new K&N air filter for 04 gmc, not sure what all it will go on. $25

Cryoed hardend output shaft for a 4l60E 4wd, this was used for about 50 miles, and my converter went out, so when i had it out i got the billet output shaft just in case!! ill take $85 for it.

will add more as i find and think of them.

all parts are in perfect condition. all prices are + shipping.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts