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I am moving from Houston to Austin, and will be cleaning out my garage, and wanted to post up some of this stuff in hopes that somebody will want it, rather than me having to move it with me.

Stock Exhaust Manifolds from my 2003 Silverado 5.3L. Removed at around 72K miles to install Pacesetter LT's and ORY. excellent shape, no EGR or AIR. Asking 60 bucks plus shipping if your not local.

Pair of aftermarket High Flow Cats, these are ceramic substrate, bought to put them in the Pacesetter ORY, but just didn't have the room so i went catless, these are 3" in/out 4" in the middle and about 11" long total. Both are brand new, but one of the boxes has been opened. Asking 75 for the pair plus shipping if your not local.

96+ Vortec 4.3, 5.0, 5.7, 7.4 Marine 78mm Throttle body and TB spacer. I had this on my 2K Olds Bravada 2wd bagged frame swap project that got totaled and i parted it out. This is the same as a stock TB except it doesn't have the deflector on it that covers the opening at WOT, it made a noticeable difference over stock. You have to run the spacer if your not running the marine intake because the gasket is on the TB. Asking 50 bucks for everything, and will include shipping if your not local.

4.8,5.3,6.0 2wd Oil Pan, will fit all years 99+. This is a stock oil pan, it was bead blasted and cleaned up when i bought it several years ago for my Sonoma GT project, but have gone with an LS2 pan instead. This is just for the oil pan itself, no pickup tube or windage tray and no gasket. May fit 4wd also, but im not sure. Asking 75 bucks plus shipping if your not local.

2007+ Factory in dash 6 disk changer, removed from a 2007 Trailblazer SS, i bought it to put in my 2003 Silverado, but after i got it realized i needed one from a 03-06, so i have no use for this one. I paid 150 for it, and would like to just recoup my money, it is in great shape, removed shortly after the truck was bought new. Part number 15927261
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