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Cleaning Stock Wheels

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REFLECTION (or lack of):

Used some NXT Carwash I had around, mothers powerball plus polish, a misc. brush, microfiber towels.

It's definitely cleaner, but that reflection is weak isn't it? I've never cleaned these wheels before other than quick powerwash and brush. Never used powerball nor polish before so I probably didn't do that right. Took me about 1 hour just on this wheel but I scrubbed it with brush alot, washed tools, etc.

What's the best way to clean these wheels and get a great reflection? Granted they are just stock wheels, but if I have the tools/stuff I might as well get the best out of them. I want to use this truck to learn for my next.
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Im pretty sure those wheels are clear coated. Dont use metal polish on them anymore. Car wax usually works pretty good for making them look better. Your not going to get a polished aluminum look though.

Um... I hope you didn't use metal polish... I'm pretty sure they are painted/clear coated and if anything you probably dulled them a bit with that.

Factory wheels are usually best cleaned with a citrus degreaser and a soft brush, the lightly waxed with whatever you use on your paint. I've been using the sealer coat from my DER Stuff on all my stock wheels for awhile.
For future reference, one quick way to tell if you have cleared wheels is to take a dab of metal polish on a towel and rub on the wheel in an inconspicuous area . if your rag is turning black, the wheels are not cleared. btw, make sure your wheel is clean first obviously. :)
haha, yeah man, try the mothers wax next time you wash your truck, i don't think you did much damage (if any) but they did come out cleaner
haha damn, thanks guys. I'm such a noob.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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