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Clear lights/corners

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How do the corner lenses come out? They look like they are part of the grille. How does the bowtie come out in the center of the grille to put in a billet one? Just wondered cause im thinkin putting these on. Also, with the clear headlights, can you still see good at night or are they not as bright? I think i heard somewhere that u cant see at night. Any help would be appreciated.
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easiest thing to do is just take the whole grille shell off. pop the hood and look for a bunch of screws in random places that attach the grille shell to the truck, so hunt them down and get them off. on the back of the corners are plastic rod thingies with thin metal nuts screwed onto them. unscrew the nuts and they should pop off. i'm not familiar with the bowtie though, but you should probably be able to figure it out pretty easy after the grille shell is off. i have the clear headlights, and they put out the same amount if not more light than the stock ones, unless you got the ones with the projectors which i hear are pretty bad. good luck man. post up some pics when you're done.
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