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clip removal!...any tips?

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anyone have any idea how to remove the clips that hold the air dam on?....w/out just prying em out and off.....

trying to remove mine so when i get my air damn back from paint i can install it right away with the same clips...

or should i just break em all off and then buy all new ones?
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don't break them. there actually is a thing in your manual on how to do it. There is a slot on them, pull it out with a screw driver. They should all pull out and the plastic piece should fall.

I ripped them off thousands of times driving it too low. the clips are like 2 bucks a piece. Its a pain in the ass if you ask me to replace all of them.
i know what the manual says and how to take them out is just they arent that easy to get!....i was hopin for some sort of good tip of advice on how tomake it easy
I only remember putting them back in not taking them out, shit
They are a complete pain in the ass to get out! Last time I pulled my air dam I took the center pin out of all of the and tried to squeeze the upper prongs. Ended up just pulling hard on the air dam. Most came out fine, but I broke 3 or 4 I think.
stick a screw driver in there and shimmy it in a downwards motion. I pull my air dam off every once in a while and I can do it with my fingers and it's not a hard task.

Oh and it makes it easier if you spray something on them so they're slide out easier.
just got them all out but 2....and those 2 i think i may end up just breaking out cuz there is almost no way to squeeze top of them besacue they ae in between the framerails there the bumper bolts to the frame
I had a hell of a time taking my airdam off when I installed my SS cover. I remember (as mentioned) that you have stick a flat head screwdriver in the little slot and gently pry downwards. Then I took a large pair of pliers and nudged the whole clip downwards. I still ended up with bloody knuckles and a couple broken clips :nono:

I'm just glad that I'll never have to put them back on again.
that airdam you bought should have came with bolts to reinstall it, mine did atleast.
you guys have paitience. i would just rage and rip it off
For the ones that don't want to come out, completly remove the interal part, then try to pry it out with the screw driver. I think I only broke one or two when I took my lower part off, and my radiator cover.
that airdam you bought should have came with bolts to reinstall it, mine did atleast.
is that what those bolts are for?.....i thought i was supposed to use the factory clips?
If you only have two left, then just cut 'em out or something easy and replace them with new ones.

They're a bitch to get out, so just do whatever is easiest for yourself.
yea I used the bolts, fuck the factory clips lol
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