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95 gmc yukon k1500.

Truck got stolen and they destroyed the column breaking the ignition cylinder to start it. I had to pull airbag, wheel, clockspring and the plate behind in order to gain access to the cylinder housing as I think that got damaged. Even after replacing cylinder, the cylinder would still turn by hand.

So basically, I looked at the warning, but didn't pay much attention to it when I pulled the clockspring. Now I'm a bit worried. I will say I did pay attention to how it sat on the column as there was a screw from the broken shroud by the multi function switch, and then the spring housing also kind of hooks onto the ignition switch housing.

The plate behind the clockspring can only go on one way, it also appears to be true of the clockspring as well. BUT, if that's the case why the warning? It didn't seem to unwind, as they don't seem to react like a tape measure spring, so what's the caution? If I just removed, fixed what I was after and reinstalled, what's the chance it'll be off?

Column won't be together for a few days as I still need to order a new multi function switch and maybe cover housing. So, until then I can't find out if all works fine.

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