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Cognito 7-9"

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Does anyone have a picture of this kit and/or know how much it costs? Any info. is appreciated thx.
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is it finally done? i know he has spent ALOT of time working on the kit
36s will rub with only 9 inches. and remember, thats REALLY on 7 inches plus some cranking. as torsion bars sag over time(and they will) you will loose an inch. no way 8 inches will clear 36s. lol 8 inches is what you need to clear 35s on 16x10s,

36s will need 11 inches and still they will rub offroad
Josh said:
i dunno. kyle clears them on 8". JB cleared them on his truck with a rancho 4-6" plus body. they had to do some big time trimming, but they didnt rub. i think you will be fine on 9" with 36s and some trimming.
kyle has a superlift and body? only 8 inches?

on the road with some trimming it will work, but offroad with flexing might be a lil different
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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