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Cognito UCA or Moog UCA?

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Cognito UCA or MOOG UCA???

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OK, so i need to replace my upper control arm ball joints. the ball joint boot is practically non-existent, so i have grease just all around that area. So eventually the grease will be gone, and then the balljoint will fail. So instead of greasing the balljoint until it eventually fails, i am just gonna be preventative and replace it now before it fails.

On rock auto, a moog balljoint by itself costs like 50 bucks. But a whole new Moog control arm costs like 100 bucks per side. It also comes with bushings for the pivot bolts. So why not go for the whole bushings and less hassle to install why not.

Buuuut, since i already have Cognito stuff on my truck (tie rods, pitman/idler supports, idler pivot assembly) what if i just went with the Cognito upper control arms. They are a bit more expensive....$471.50. its comes with a bolt in ball joint and then i have the possibility to go to dual shocks up front. :hmm:

So i guess i have to choose...should i just do the regular Moog ones, or should i shell out for the cognitos? i really dont plan on cranking the front end much more, maybe an inch or so. so im not worried about ball joint angles.

I know Moog is well known for their auto parts. but im not sure about the ball joint that comes with the cognito kit...the only advantage of having a bolt in balljoint compared to a pressed in, is changing it out right?

I really dont offroad much, and if i do, i dont go too hard. so yea...

what should i do? thanks guys
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How about GMRs UCA?

Sam and Jameson have them and I used too. No complaints at all

I think they are $550? For the uniball setup
hes just looking to change ball joints :imo
glad i got a lot of opinions.........
Moog has two part numbers...
one is

K80826 - this one has offset bushings to provide additional camber adjustment.

They are within 10 bucks. but what do the offset bushings provide?
Cognito uses MOOG balljoints for their UCAs. Or at least they did at one point. Call them up and confirm.
hmm i see....idk, i think ill end up with the moogs just cuz they are cheaper. Cognitos stuff is good, but its so damn expesive.
also anybody heard of Dorman balljoints? they any good?
dorman balljoints anybody.
I didnt know they make ball joints? I know they make CV axles and they are comaprable IMO to the other options out there. Id personally go with MOOG just cause i know its good stuff. I havent had much experience with dorman.
decided on Moog stuff. i went ahead and bought the lower ball joints and lower control arm bushings today at my local advanced auto parts.

the ball joints were $70
bushings were $20

not much more than on rock auto.

they didnt have the uppercontrol arm with ball joint and bushings, so i went ahead and ordered those off rockauto today too. while i was at it i bought a torsion bar unloader tool since ive been wanting one. bought it for 100 bucks flat off FLEAbay.

i plan on doin the ball joints this weekend. start tearin the front end off on friday night, then bust it out on saturday morning. Wish me luck
Cognito uses MOOG balljoints for their UCAs. Or at least they did at one point. Call them up and confirm.

Just comes down to which control arm you like better and how much money you want to spend. I haven't seen the Moog UCA, but I'm sure Cognito's is better.
Cockneato :wave:
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