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Coil Spring Spacer Noise???

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I have a 1995 chevy silverado xcab 2wd. I had installed 2.5" coil spring spacers in the front about a year ago. Ever since it makes a popping noise when hitting any kind of bump, like pulling into a driveway. I know my shocks are probably worn out since they are factory. I also think I may need ball joints, as the pass front tire has a slight inward lean at the top.
Anyway. my main question is if this noise could be from the coil springs sitting on top of the spacers.
Right now it has stock size wheels/tires, but I just bought a set of 32x11.50-15 MT's to put on my 15x10 alloys. I was hoping I could get away with the tires not rubbing with the spacer lift.
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Shocks topping out is my guess as well.

Your tire probably leans in at the top because you never adjusted the camber plates for the added effective lift height.
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