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color-matching bumper cap on sierra HD

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anyone ever painted the black plastic piece between the grille and bumper, as seen in this picture?

i was wondering what it looked like.
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I'd have to go with color matched on that one. Unless you could get a taller bumper. Chroming it would look a little odd since it would have chrome all the back to the wheel well... :imo:

A stretched bumper would be the way to got though. So it would match up with the fenders. Just cut it down the center side to side and put in some filler :)

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Josh said:
ive seen it done, and personally thought it brought too much attention to that shitty looking filler piece.
yeah i was picturing it in my head and thinking that, but it couldn't look any worse than gray plastic in between 2 pretty pieces of chrome. this is why i like the silverado HDs much better. bumper cap is huge but works a lot better than the GMC filler piece.

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Andy said:
It looks better painted than raw, but i think it would look best if you just made bumper raising bracket, so that it is like the 1500s
thats not really possible unless you cut on the frame. i agree, that does look better painted.
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