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Colormatched door handles

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i did search...
im sure people have done it so how did ya? my truck is birch silver so its it something you can buy smewhere orsomehting i need to get painted....
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Best bet is eBay...i just ordered my color-matched handles off there for $87.00 pricey but....better than having to go get them painted...
what color is your truck? i wasnt able to find anything but chrome
Just get a set of 4 black plastic ones, do all the prep work yourself, and find a buddy that is a good painter to lay the base and clear for you. I paid probably 1/15th of what people normally spend on colormatching every one of my exterior plastics and a few things on the inside too.
well i have black plastic ones on the truck... as far as prep just a good sanding right with some coarse sand paper then smoot it out with a fine grit paper? where can you get the paint and clear? i dont mind trying it myself if i can find paint... also how to you get the handle of the tailgate to paint? im pretty sure on how to get the handles off the doors but what about the tailgate?
Clean and scuff everything, then spray 3 or 4 coats of filler primer and sand that smooth. Primer is 1000x easier to sand smooth than the plastic. I learned this the hard way :crazy:... tailgate handle, you pop off the bezel. Take off the liner on the inside of the tailgate if it's there, then remove the 3 bolts holding the actual handle in. Then remove the rods from the handle and pull it out... as far as actually doing the base and clear, I'd leave that to a professional. If you do all the prep work, they won't charge very much to lay the base and clear cus that shit is the easy part.
Prep is the hard part, you can get paint from, got my paint from there.
that lnik has chrome on it so its a no.
how much if i prepped would it be to have painted?
Painted texture won't last on door handles. They are used way too much, get some real handles that are already painted. Been there, done that.
:word: I'd rather just buy some smooth and painted ones. I smoothed and painted a set before and it was a PIA. My time is worth more to me.
:word: I'd rather just buy some smooth and painted ones. I smoothed and painted a set before and it was a PIA. My time is worth more to me.
:word: for a couple extra bucks you could pick up some Tahoe handles that were painted but the wrong color, no prep work and just take them in. That paintable plastic won't flex like texture and the paint will actually last like it does from the factory.

Hell my colormatched mirrors which don't get touched at ALL are starting to show small signs of cracking, they will be a repaint and it's been about 1.5 years. I can only imagine how long a door handle will last.
so buy a set of already painted ones then re paint them?
so buy a set of already painted ones then re paint them?
If you can't find ones that are already painted your color I would do that. What color Is your truck?
its called silver birch i think but i have had no luck finding it
it being door handles painted that color
Search on eBay Tahoe handles, suburban handles and just keep searching until you find some. Include your paint code and search title and description. You'll find some I promise.
Dealership has them too.
Dealership has them too.
Very true. I had forgotten about that, they stopped that with the NNBS, all they sell is paintable for us. :nono:
well how do you find paint code?
dealership wont sell you colormatched?
i will look on ebay again
i only found the ones that are silver birch with the crome handle and i dont want chrome
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