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Colormatching Tow Mirrors

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All right, I've caught the color match bug and the 06 tow mirror bug at the same time. I want to color match the upper and lower plastics on my front bumper, and probably paint the chrome part of my rear bumper 'cus I like the look...not sure about the rear yet though.
Anyway, I want to get a set of 06 tow mirrors and wire them into my 02 HD. Everyone I've seen with them has left them the stock black and it's nice, but I think the painted would look pretty damn good too, not 100% sure though. Any thoughts?
I'm also looking at getting a set of Escalade handles with a color matched tail gate handle with bezel to tie it all in. I'm trying to find a nice billet grille and bow-tie for the front end, and I'm gonna find a set of headlight/bumper lights of eflay to make some D4S HIDs and a weird 4Hi mod.

Ok Ok, if you know of any good components or have any ideas, let me know.

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C'mon people. Anyone?
Someone's gotta have an opinion on this stuff.

i say go for it, youd be suprised how much of a difference color matching does to the looks of a truck
I say go for it man!
color matched tows look good check out alot of trucks with em on there
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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