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compessor/tanks vs. nitrogen

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I havent fully decided what Im going with just yet. I have heard about alot of people burnin up the compressor's lately. I dont think i will have the room or extra cash for an engine driven compessor.

If i get nitrogen it will be mounted like its supposed to be with chrome brackets etc.. It will more than likey be two tanks so filling up wont be so constant

what are some of the problems with nitrogen besides getting them filled every so often and of course haveing a more volatile gas in the back of the truck :flame:
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01GMC said:
I have Nitrogen and Compressors. Nitrogen cost me about 10-12 for a tank. As long as you watch your PSI on the nitrogen your cool. Don't worry about blowing up ... that is about as likely as your gas tank blowing up .. or some chick blowing you cause you have 22's. I would suggest a crappy compressor just incase.
I keep thinking about adding a scott pack (fire fighter) bottle to mine, the bottle is compressed to over 2000 psi, I would have to regulate it down of course .. would still want to keep the compressor for a backup.
01GMC said:
Damm $8.00 and a week turn around??? I would just get an engine driven one if that's the case. I have a place down the street ... don't even have to remove the bottle .. hell I have never taken it out. $12.00 for 2500 - 2800 psi. I can get in and out in under 15 mins.
About how much do the regulators cost to bring the pressure down to something manageable?
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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