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The last 3 days have been hell. I worked my but off getting all the interior in my Tahoe redone. Started off as a bare floor with no carpet and a lot of plastic trim laying on the garage floor. Lots of painting, dyeing, and cussing.

List of stuff done

Dash removed
Dash sanded, and painted to match exterior
All interior trim, dyed Charcoal
New carpet, Charcoal
Seat recovered with Katzkin covers, Charcoal outers with Black Gator inners
installed Billet Specialties Chicayne Steering Wheel

Left to do :

Door panels, ran out of dye and time
kick panels
install billet air vents
install billet kick plates
sand and paint , glove box door, cup holder, and ash tray



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Really nice.... I think you should paint those seat supports a darker color. :imo
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