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my buddie is in need of cash so he needs to sell his system he just bought 2 months ago!! I told him i would post it on here for him before he puts it in the paper!! the system is complete from deck to subs, he paid over $3000 for this set up!!

pioneer premier 940
arc audio peq7
arc audio 2500
arc audio kar 400
arc audio 6.5 components
4-10 arc audio subs
sub box for a 99+ reg cab
arc audio digital cap
he will prob even throw in the wiring

he wants $1200 and i think hes pretty firm on that price!!
I can get pics,or if your close to modesto you can come check it out!!

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this is off the subject of purchasing but i just noticed you're in oakdale, that ain't far from me, nice to see other people on here that live close in cali. (bakersfield aint too bad i guess)
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