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Compressor for bags won't turn on?

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Alright i think i'm in the right thread, mods can move if i'm not. So the compressor won't turn back on anymore, i've check the fuse... its still good. What should i look for? Sucks too cuz the front end is pop'd up half way and the rear end is dump'd. ....and theres no more air in the tank. I have a cut off on/off switch under my steering wheel for the compressor, so the compressor has a constant power with a flick of a switch. When i hit it i can hear a click going to the compressor. So again what should i look at first, and what should i check?
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do you have a solenoid?
is it hot?
let me know what your wiring is like, and i can probally help you.
what kind of compessor is it?
what do you mean it's not hot? you dont have power to it? you checked it after it stopped working.

the 400c is suppose to have a heat shut up to you can't burn it up.

what it running a lot when it stopped working?
check the power, the ground, the wire leading to the switch from the solenoid...then check your switch.

if it's clicking that means your solenoid is getting the signal..but your compressor isn't meaning the ground/power is bad. if you have good power, and ground..then it's your compressor...

who did you get it from? jason as
About a week and 1/2 ago i got home, dump'd the truck on the ground and turned off the engine. The compressor was still on, to refill the tank (i usually let it refill so i can have air when i leave) when i was getting ready to leave i pop'd the front and rear up, usually the compressor will turn back on later if i mess with the switchs. I noticed that the compressor didn't turn back on when it usually should. Now the engine won't start, so my main concern is getting the truck running. I'll have to check out all the wiring tomorrow. Thanks for your help
Sounds like a dead battery if truck wont start either.
OK, so heres the really trippy part, i have a optima, red top. Switched the battery, and put the battery charger on the different battery when i turned the key engine still don't start and the compressor. . .. nothing.
check the fuses for the ignition.

does your truck make a noise when the key is turned on?
Check your fuses all of them. Do your dash lights come on when you turn the ignition switch on ?
Check your fuses all of them. Do your dash lights come on when you turn the ignition switch on ?
I posted the engine problem in the technical dept. But heres what happens with the engine, all the lights on the dash come on, every thing electrical works, when i turn the key the engine turns over but the engine will only stay on for a second then die, and continue to do this, also is that my gas gage says i'm on empty, and the message centers says 'low fuel'. . .when i'm positive that i have 1/2 tank of gas. So i have the engine to look into and the compressor or the wiring for it.
turn your key on.
listen by the gas tank, if you do not hear the pump making noise. the pump is out.
if you hear it...change the fuel filter. it it still dont work, unplug the maf sensor. it's right by our air filter. if it still wont run. then take it to the shop because i can't tell you without being next to it.
Pulled the gas line that leads into the engine, turned the key and gas came out. So i know that the engine is getting fuel, So at the moment i'm thinking its the distributer, or ignition. I'm not giving up yet to take it to a shop, going to do more trial and error tomorrow, so i'll keep you guys posted. Thanks for your help, much appreciated!
Are you getting fuel after the fuel filter? Could be clogged
i pulled the fuel line that leads into the manifold, turned the key and gas came out.
maybe the fuel pressure regulator is going out not allowing enough fuel to go to the injectors. Can you get it to stay running if you press down the gas pedal?
nope, it will rev a little bit then shut off
what year is the truck?
did you unplug the maf sensor? mine did that when my cousin shorted out a ground on my 6 light high beam kit.
01 gmc sierra, i havn't tryed to unplug the maf sensor yet.
Its a fuse.... id bet my last dollar on it.
This just happened to a buddy of mines truck a few weeks ago. Check the Throttle Body Control Fuse or something like that. You need to check all your fuses anyway and maybe even replace them all.
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