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Lets just say my buddy was no expert with the power trowel. Opposed to removing 23 yards of concrete, is there anyway to level it? Even if I had to add an 1 inch overall.
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omg. Pics? Possibly lay more over it? You wont be able to chip it level.
ewww, 23 yards here is 120.00 per yard!
No we had everything formed up. used screte poles the whole deal to make it flat. ran a hand float and had it looking great. It only went bad with the power trowel. I guess when he wasn't sure how to adjust the angle I should have speculated the outcome. It is not horrible just not as smooth and level as I had hoped. I know it would never been perfect. but I have some pretty rough areas and a coulple low spots I would like to get rid of. I didn't know if there were any products out there that could be poured on that would self level and make up some of the low spots. Wishful thinking I suppose.
You can get a concrete grinder from the rental store. Or if you know someone that is into concrete they may be able to turn you on to one. It uses different stones to grind down the concrete and eventually polish it. Kind of puts you in mind of a floor sander. I would like to see some pics though. 23 yds. is a hell of a lot to have messed up!!! If you do pour over it, use a bonding agent between the two.

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