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conversion help please...

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as u can see im new...and i am sure there has probably already been this thread, but i just need a couple of pointers

i have a 2003 sierra 1500...and i was wanting to convert the front end to the 02 denali style, but i heard that can't be done easily on the 03 sierra's and it would be much easier to conver to an escalade ??? i looked at the denali and the hood and fenders look identical...i was thinking all i need to change is the headlights, grille and bumper

can anyone help me, or if anyone has done this already please let me know how easy you were able to do this, thanks
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Read an article somewhere (can't remember where...have to go look for it)...everything should be pretty simple swap except for the bumper. The Denali bumper is actually just a cap or cover which needs to be modded to fit over a stock bumper. That is where you might run into some problems with the 03+ new front end. Might be easier to swap out an 99-02 bumper first then go for the conversion...but not 100% sure...someone else probably knows more than me...

I'll try to find that article might prove to be useful...

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the 03s have completely different frame tips. i dont honestly know how the denali mounts compared to the stock 99-02 bumper. i would guess that it would be hard. but could be done with some thought.
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