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couple of 4.3 Q's

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I'm working on researching and getting parts together for my project, which I should be working on next summer hopefully. I've searched around and been on other forums and just want to make sure all my info is right before I spend a lot of money.

First, I'm working on getting together a TBI setup for my 4.3. Are the TBI computers in the fullsize 1500's the same as in the s10's in the pre '94 (pre vortec)? Or are the fullsize's programmed for more power. I've heard the computers for all the 4.3, 5.0, 5.7 were the same except for the chip. I'll be going with a 5spd.

Second, I'm wanting to use the NV4500 5spd out of the 3/4 and 1 ton trucks behind my 4.3. I know the bellhousing patterns are the same. I'm wondering if the clutch, slave cyl, fork, throwout, ect will bolt up to the 4.3? I've heard I would have to use the flywheel off a 4.3 b/c its balanced for that engine. I'd rather go to a junkyard and pull all this stuff than have to go to advance adapters and pay out the a$$ for it.