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Couple of Pics: (56k=death)

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Eh, I know my truck is stock, but I love it. A few pics turned out pretty good, so I thought I'd post them up. Nothing is really new, but I did follow Belmont's thread to add the side marker light on the '03 taillights. Thanks Doug. :shake: I don't really have any big plans for it, although I would like to change my exhaust up. Maybe this summer. :hmm:

Critiques/comments/criticism/suggestions are always welcome.

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cool pics klem

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Looks good. I didn't know California even had stock yards, pens, and barns...

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I like it man!
Thanks man, I always see your truck on campus or at the gym. It always looks stout.
hog farm?
Hogs to the right, dairy to the left.
looks good! fresno st ag center huh....
You are correct. :shake:
whens the lift goin on?
You don't know how bad I want to make it look like a wannabe prerunner. I'm trying to save up to move out though... so no lift on this one. :bawl:
Needs a tailgate handle and cleared headlights. What's this about adding side marker lights to the taillights (search, as usual, returns jack/shit)?
Yeah, I'll eventuall do the clear corner thing. I sanded and painted an extra tailgate handle I had laying around, but it came out too light. I think the shop mixed indigo blue instead of dark blue metallic. I'll try it again when I have time.
how do you like it compared to your old truck? I love that color BTW
I'll always be a "lifted guy". But... I love having a newer paid off truck. You can't believe how much money you can save by not having a truck payment. (Insurance and gas is a little cheaper, also.) It's a nice truck though... plenty quick with the 4.8 and it rides good.
Nice, I love the big tire look.
Me too! Not that many people comment about it though. They're the stock tires off of the Denalis... 265/70/17. They fit perfect, no rubbing at all.
Looks good. I didn't know California even had stock yards, pens, and barns...
Yep, everything from Bakersfield to Sacramento is farmland. We produce a lot more agriculture products than Tejas.

Thanks for the good words amigos. :shake:
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