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95 tahoe

the gages go nuts, they lose power, the radio shuts off, the volt gage goes low, the fuel gage goes low, the temp gage drops, the iol pressure gage drops, the dash lights dim, the headlights and all other elelctrical items go just about dead

i have noticed no blown fuses, so i am thinking ground, the truck starts and runs fine, converted to carb

i have noticed that it can be sitting and idling, either in gear or not, and when the steering wheel is turned a bit, an inch or so that the lights go back to normal, turn a little further and they all go dim again.

it seems as if the manipulation of the steering wheel has some affect on this possible loss of ground

i have looked and see nothing in the way of the steering gear or shaft

i would be interested in anyones opinion as to what this may be

both battery cables are fine and have been cleaned on both ends
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