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Creaking Suspension: 2005 Sierra 8" lift

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I have a 2005 Sierra with an 8" rock crusher lift on 35's .. I dont know if I hit a bad pot hole or what but I have a bad creaking sound coming from my right rear suspension while driving. When I try to recreate the noise when in park, the suspension bounces right back with the noise only happening on the first bounce.

Was wondering if anyone knows what this might be? Cracked leaf spring? I do not think its a problem with the lift suspension...

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did you lose one of the leaf spring pads? They're low friction disks that separate the tips of the springs. Without them, the edges of the spring bites into the leaf above it and often results in creaking/squeaking sounds.
exactly what i was thinking. i went thru this as well. :shake:

maybe a shock since it only happens on first cycle. take the bottom shock bolt out and drive around the block

EDIT i want more info on said rock crusher lift
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