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Custom fiberglass door inserts and speaker pod!!!

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Okay finally got it all figured out I have the door inserts from my doors wich include the top insert fiberglassed and smoothed painted red with flames and fiberglassed bottom inserts smooth and sprayed red. All parts are painted victory red. They install with nutserts so you have to drill your stock panel and than bolt them in from the back real clean look! asking 500$ for the set of four but taking serious offers . Go ahead shoot me some offers or call. Thanks, Shaun


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get your glassed inserts here ...victory red guys..lmk thanks
bump inserts ready to go!
sorry guys this price above was actually just for the inserts (4) the pods are seperate..pms replied
glassed inserts 300$ ...look nice and easy to install anyone..
bump f*** it 500$ for all of it door inserts and speaker pods hell ill even throw in the speakers!!!! call me or pm for faster response. thanks!
man this stuff is selling so quick
takes someone with some money...most other parts are sold and even looking good for the truck to possibly be sold...its a slow process for the right buyer the price of these items will be right all inserts, pods, and speakers pm please serious intrest. thanks!
500$ for it all guys shipped..let me know
500$ for you guys shipped door inserts and pods with speakers all of it! come get em
will door 400$ if someone wants all this stuff...
Shaun how hard are these to install? I think I will prob take ya up on ur offer....let me check my funds! Come out on Friday!
He sold em already.
uhhhh I just talked to him........????Who did he sell em to?
sold....speaker pods and speakers to adam! i ogt ya man..door inserts still for sale. Im gonna head out to your house adam to install these babies for you you better have some coronas and some cute chicks by your pool its allot of work..later!
whats involved with the install? are they lay over or complete replacements? i may be interested.
What a douche
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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