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Cv axle question

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I have a blown cv axle in my 99 GMC Sierra 1500, therefore my 4x4 does not work right now. I don't get paid until Friday and I have bills to pay so I can't buy a new one until Friday, but we have a storm coming tomorrow they are saying 8-12 inches of snow and I have to get over the mountain to work, so Im going to need 4 wheel drive. I have a cv in my garage from I think a 98 or 99 suburban/Tahoe(the old square headlight body style). Will this axle work temporarily in my 99 Sierra until I buy a new one Friday Or am I basically fucked for work tomorrow? Any help will be greatly appreciated
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I don't think nbs and obs cv axles will interchange.
Well I mean you're gonna have to tear it down anyways, might as well try lol. But I think the end that goes into the hub is too big or something, since they have diff part #'s
Ok yeah I think he's right, oreillys shows same part number. I'd go for it
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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