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Dana 60 DRW to SRW. What is going on here?

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We rebuilt a GM Dana 60 kingpin, and now can't figure out why the GM rotor (new SRW rotor) is so far away from the caliper bracket when mounted to the SRW hub. The hat on the rotor is the same height as the old one I pulled off. The the old rotor and caliper was Dodge, but the new rotor and caliper are GM. I was almost positive the bracket was interchangeable between Dodge and GM calipers/rotors- but I wanted the GM parts on it. The GM caliper is even wider than the Dodge, and it obviously won't work.

Any thoughts?

Here is the situation:

We had the brackets on the wrong sides at first, but fixed that:

When I bought it, the rotor was obviously sucked up close to the bracket- albeit on the DRW setup:

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts