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Dana 60 parts and IR Impact Gun

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Trying to clean out the garage!

Dana 60 Carrier from a 1979 Ford HP Dana 60. It had 3.54 gears on it. Takes 35-spline axles. Great shape. $40

Dana 60 Reverse Cut 3.54 ring and pinion. Stock gears from a 1979 Ford HP Dana 60. Good condition, no major wear signs or pitting. $20

Front brake rotors from 1979 Ford HP Dana 60. Good shape, clean and smooth, surface just a little rusted from sitting on the garage floor. $15

Dana 60 Steering arm from a 1979 Ford HP Dana 60. Great shape. $10

Ford Dana 60 U-Bolt kit. New in the box, never used. Superlift part number 10604. $30

Ingersoll Rand 2903P 1/2" Impact Wrench. Great shape and used very little. 300ft/lbs of Torque. $70

All items sold AS IS.

If you see something you need let me know or make me an offer, I can't use any of it so its not doing me any good right now. Check out pics of some of the items at

Send a pm or email me at [email protected] with any questions you have.

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Ill take the 1350 yolk. How much would it be shipped to 77084 OR 75080 (whatever is cheaper)
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