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DD pics (new mods)

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So I finally got myself some wheels for my 08 altima. They are 19" OEM wheels off an 09 maxima. I also put a set of OEM altima 3.5 mirrors on the car which have blinkers, power heat, and folding. Let me know what you think!

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looks good.

candy and lightly smoke the tails and slam it.:D
i like :head:
i like those vehicle.
How much did you pay for the Maxima rims? I want to sell my wife's when I get her 20's
I paid 875 slightly used with tires
Need to tint the tails a tad.. That's the only thing I don't like those tail lights.. I think tineted the would stick out so much be alittle cleaner but she looks good
looking good! more pics of your truck please!!
I love these Maximas, they are just so clean looking, and I'm liking the new wheels.
That is badass man, those rims look damn good. I'm going to have to agree tinting the tail lights would look better :imo
that's a hell of a DD, NICE!
Nice car. I also hate the tails that nissan started putting onlately. I think they would look better red.
thanks guys

looks clean

do you still have the truck?
yea I still have it
Powdercoat the wheels black!!!
real clean...had the chance to drive my girl's parents' maxima the other day with the no shift shock thingamajig. Awesome cars, definitely would be in one if i didnt have my truck. Does the altima have the same no shift shock option as the maximas?
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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