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DD Silverado Pics...33"s, BL, debadged .......

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I was going to wait until I got the current round of mods done to it but Im bored so here are some pics.

99 silverado 1500 z71
3" Summit Body Lift
Helper bags in rear set at +1"
Cranked tbars +1"
325/60/18" Terra Grapplers
18x9" Black Chrome Racelines 4.5" backspace
16 gauge metal gap gaurds in rear
smoothed/painted to match mirrors with puddle lights
candied tails

In the works:
-Rear bumper, tube skeleton with sheetmetal covering it. I am going to remove the 16 gauge sheet and replace it with 1/8" plate. Probably add tow points to it as well. Plate flips in to act as a step. Also going to add backup ights frenched in.
-Hidden Hitch to sit flush with the bottom of the bumper
-Rock Sliders
-Painted to match grill, bumper and bumper cap. Lower valance painted black
-Possibly remove the esky handles and replace with colormatched ones because they look weird with the black wheels
-Finish body work and repaint passenger side after pole incident

Pics before the lift

Black truck is my dads, its pretty much stock for comparison:

Gap gaurds before and after

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nice truck man, but what is up with the rear bumper on it?

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dude get that thing washed IMFO!....

are those wheels black chrome?
it gets dirty after about 500ft on the road. Between the wide tires and dirty roads there is no hope for it being clean.

Black Chrome wheels yes....

nice truck man, but what is up with the rear bumper on it?
its under construction

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Nice. Rear bumper looks like its going to be pretty clean too...are you planning on it body color or Line-X'ed or what?

Edit...disregard the hell did I miss the list answering the above question? :crazy:
lol everyone else missed the list too! But yeah I will most likely be painting it to match.
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