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Debadged-->BAD outcome....what to do???

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Well I've started debadging my '92 1500 and the paint is like new under the sticky stuff and faded everywhere else. Also in the gap between the two sticky tape areas that was under the molding, the paint is "soft" as in I accidently scrapped some of it off with my fingernail. And to top it off where I had my front fender and driver side door fixed, they didn't remove the molding and just painted it. So in other words, it looks like CRAP.

What should I do???

I don't have the money to do a new paint job.

Just buy some new molding and replace it (the original was all cracked, so new would look good)?

Paint the lower portion of the panels?

Give me some the way it is a champaign (sp?) /tannish color.

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I would just put some new molding back on until you can paint it, or else just primer the whole truck.
bedliner the fenders :rocking:
Thats what happens with older vehicles sometime, paint places that paint around moudlings without letting the customer know should be shot! :guns:

I'd say price getting new mouldings, and repainting the bad areas and see how much difference there is .. got any pics? If your truck is one color, might be an opportunity to two-tone it, if that would cover the bad spots. :head:
I was gonna say that mirror stick-on stuff that comes in long rolls. But the moulding is to high up on the body for that stuff to cover it. You can buy that moulding in rolls by the foot through jcwhitney i believe. Pretty cheap too.
No need to buy new molding ..

Get yourself a clay bar .. and clay your truck. Then use a good "fine cut" wax and "cut" your truck, then use a good wax, then a sealant wax, and you will never notice.

The "fine cut" is what will do it .. a "cleaner wax" will help too. It's hard to tell without pic's.

Just be prepared to sweat .. or just put on molding if your lazy.
Yes, I do.
I'd primer it on color, or either put new molding back on, or wax the hell out of it and see if that works
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