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Well I have access to the shop and a heat gun after I get off of work and was thinking of debadging. Here's what it looks like now. I was just going to take of the "Chevrolet", "Tahoe", and the "LT" emblems for now. If anyone has any advice or opinions on this, please feel free to let me know.

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fishing line...i used braided someone on here said it cut better...use goof off to get the rest of the sticky residue off...and the lt should peel right off just use your fingernails
Just use the heat gun. I just debadged my truck with one and everything came off very easily. I would remove the side moldings also, but its up to you.
I would remove the side moldings also, but its up to you.
I was thinking about that also. Along with the pinstripe. I think for now I'm just going to do emblems and then I might do the rest at a later time.
should be a cakewalk with a heat gun :imo

i know i dont have a tahoe, but you get the picture, there are no badges on my truck..and im about to put the denali mirrors with the LEDS in them..simply because im tired of seeing them and wanting them...then i'm going to put a caddi back bumper, seen one yesturday on a standard cab in gonzales,la...i loved it.
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Your truck looks damn good. Those mirrors are pretty cool looking. I bet the Escalade bumper is going to look sweet on your truck.
I got the Tahoe's and Chevrolet off last night, went ahead and left the LT for now. Here's a crappy cell phone pic, I forgot to grab my digital before I left for work.

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i was adament for a while about not taking the side moldings off of my tahoe, but recently decided that they really needed to go. it looks 10x better now, IMO, and I've gotten several compliments in just the week that I've had it done about how clean it looks without them.
I've seen pics of your Tahoe and it does look really good. My fingers were getting kind of tired and sore so I stopped with what I had done. I might still do the rest.
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