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deleting cv axles on 4x4

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So i’ve got a silverado and it’s soon to be extremely dropped, right now it’s sitting on a 5/10 drop, going to be 8” drop up front and it would just lead to the cv axles binding and snapping. Let me get to the point, I want to delete the cv axles and I was told I could put 2wd hubs and call it a day, is it really that simple to delete them? i’ve only heard of it being done and never actually seen it, if anyone can show me pictures or tell me if this would work I would appreciate it.
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Depending on the hubs you have, you may be able to just remove the cv axles and done (personally, I would also pull the front diff and driveshaft, just to make it easier to work on the front end). Early GMT800 4wd hubs needed the cv's installed to hold them together, later ones and replacements were redesigned so they didn't. At least, this is for the 2500/3500's, the 1500's might be different.

As a data point, my 3500, when I got it 7 years ago, it was a 2wd truck, but the front hubs had splines for cv axles, so when I upgraded the truck to 4wd, I could just slide the cv axles into the hubs.
And if I were you, I would so some research the hubs to see if the 1500 ones are like this, so that if you do replace the hubs, you can get updated 4wd hubs so you can later revert to 4wd if you want without needed to replace the hubs again.
the shop i work at ive had customers had to brake the end of there cv axles off and bolt it in to the hub till they put 2wd spindles in other wise lotta time the bearings fall out and wont take long
I forgot to follow up to this post but I did end up just putting 2wd hubs and so far it’s been holding up fine. The truck now sits at a 8/11 drop. But my truck is a 2005 so if you got like a 2000-2004 i’d double check to make sure that the hub and everything stays together before you swap it.
i used 2001 silverado 2wd hubs on mine
damn bro your truck is low as hell lol love it are you gonna bag it
it’s getting painted right now, I do wanna bag it but not till later I do wanna put some 26s tho 24s look small on crew cabs.
what color you going with and what all do you got done to the truck buddy
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