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denali conversion. Is this right? Quick someone help!!!

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Today I tried ordering the parts to swap to the denali front. I currently have an 03 sierra. They told me my headlights would not work, and that the mounting cup was different. Is this correct? Also will my fog lights work now or do I have to buy new fog lights. The body shop that has my truck quoted me 2500 to fix my truck back to normal and if i wanted the denali it would be 1800 more. Someone please help me. Im already gettin a new grill and bumper and one blinker. I thoguht this was a pretty straight forward change out.
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I've always been told the headlights will work. That all you need is a new bumper, grill, blinkers and bumper mounts. Should be very straight foreward.
the headlights will work...i know there are some trucks on here with denali projectors
they do fit fine.. i have them on my truck ... mine's an 06
headlights will work. not sure if it will matter that its an 03+ though. 99-02 front ends have different frame horns than 03+'s. i'd check into that before i made a purchase.
just did a denali swap on my 04 sierra. 99-02 had different frame horns, u do have to get ur stock ones cut off and then buy some 99-02 bolt on ones. headlights should work, how ever i put denalis in mine. and of course u do have to get a new grille shell corner lense, bumper reinforcement and of coarse bumper cover. over all though i like my truck alot more now. definately worth it.
so if you have a 99-02, does it matter what year denali you get the front end from as long its nbs? lets say i get a denali front end from an 06 will it just bolt up to a 99-02 sierra, or will I have to get the front end from a 01-02 denali?
i believe it the 01-06 because the kept the same body style and everything
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