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After finally getting everything together over the last several years, I've decided that I really don't want to run this Denali console. It looks awesome, I just have other priorities right now and don't feel like spending the extra money to get it dyed to match my graphite interior.

The rear section is a pull out from a brand new truck and it looks like it has 0 miles on it. It's from an Escalade I believe.

The front section of the console was from a recycling yard. The inner support plastic is broken. I was planning on getting some radio backstrap to help line things up...but the fit isn't really that bad.

The dash piece/glovebox is a brand new, GM part that I bought less than 6 months ago. All parts are the light pewter color, not tan. A list of what's included:

--rear console section, with wiring harness and rear audio controls
--front console section, inner damage but cosmetcially fine
--Denali wood trim for rear section, perfect condition
--Denali wood trim for front section, slight scuff only visible in certain light
--driver information center
--dash trim w/ bracket and glove box

pics are here

Asking $1000, but all reasonable offers will be entertained. Shipping is NOT included.

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