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Well after owning it for a little under 2 years. i finally had the tools and time to detail the truck. After research and asking several questions, so thanks to everyone that helped out with advice.

Wheels: Ps21 Wheel Cleaner
Wash: Poorboy's Super Slick & Suds
Clay: Meg..'s
Washed Again
SSR 2.5 w/ Orange Pad
SSR 1 w/ White Pad
Ps21 Paint Cleaner
Glass Cleaner
Chemical Guys Underbody spary
Optium Polish on wheels

I was beat after the detail, also did the interior and engine bay, no pics.








After wash and clay..




These were at the Texash Showdown event..






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Looks great:thumbsup: I did my moms malibu this weekend and the heat just about kicked my ass!!! I was sweating the whole time and wanted to just quit.

is probably detailing...
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Looks really good man... I don't know why I always thought your truck was black... love the blue.
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