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This is the Wife's Tahoe. Just a Stocker but we like it.

It took a while to get it done, you can read about the calamity here:

I'd like to thank Chris from Glimmer Glass for his advice on swirl and scratch remover, and I'll be buying a new Porter Cable soon. I purchased some stuff from Chris' site and if the products are half as good as the cutomer service, I'll never buy these products from anywhere else.

On to the pics:

Some swirls and minor scratches were removed from this side....

Here some scratches from when the wife put a dirty box on the hood so she could open the door then dragged it off to the edge to remove it, have been healed...

And lastly and relatively clean engine bay. Also some of you may have noticed that I switched from the K&N77 to the Airaid MIT with a drop in for the stock box, my wife didn't like the sound of the K&N...

I'd like to remove the body moldings but not sure if I'd screw comething up. I'm sure I'll get brave enough to try...
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pull those molding off there!!!! dont be scared! Its not to bad use some heat and they come right off, get a 3m adheadive wheel and in a few minutes it will be CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!!!! trust me you will love it. :head:

Oh yeah truck looks sweet
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