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We stock some of the best names in detailing products out right now. Poorboys world, p21s, clearkote and optimum are all available everyday on our site. Stop in and check out the selection. Need a question answered before placing an order? Feel free to contact us with anything you need to know to get your vehicle's condition back in shape and looking better than new.
We have also just recently received the new, version 2 Poorboys Polish with Sealant that is sporting a new scent and color....Think creamsicle! Poorboys just recieved this shipment in, and I was there picking it up 12 hours later, so you're not going to find anyone else carrying this for at least a few more days. This stuff works wonders, and smells even better. I have plenty in stock!
Lastly, I only have 1 pint(16oz) and 2 quarts(32oz) of this left. It was made in a limited edition run and may not be made again. (we hope it will!!). This is intended for those in colder climates where an added bit of protection will be added during the car wash. Super Slick & Wax can also be used in warm climates too for those who want to extend the life their favorite liquid or paste wax products.
Super Slick & Wax will gently wash the dirt and grime away with lubricants, emulsifiers, & wax with plenty of suds too. It will work well with a hand bucket wash or with a foam gun.
16oz- 9.99
When these bottles are gone, they may be gone forever, so act fast!!
Everything can be found on our website. If you dont see something you're looking for, or cant find something, just let me know and I'll do my best to get what you need!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts