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Diamond plate or sheet metal inside of bed

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Diamond plate or sheet metal?????

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Just got a Half ass garage built so i have some extra room to take my ride apart and finish it the way i want it. Had to stop cuz of lack of fundz. Anyways what do you guys think, Diamon plate the bed, or just cover my notch with sheetmetal. Anyone got some pics of their work it'd be appreciated.
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Diamond Plate can look really good on the right truck and not overdone.

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chevyman992002 said:
cover the entire bed/bed walls with sheet metal. then either get a spray in line put in, or have the bed painted.
:word: looks a lot better then...and if you do spray liner, you don't have to worry about the welds lookin nasty and stuff...spray liner just looks a lot nicer IMO.

Save diamond plate for...toolboxes?!?!?!?

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Def sprayin it the same color as the truck, not lookin for a spray in liner. I'll hopefully be makin some stainless battery and pump racks this weekend. I ordered diamond plate a month ago and it got back ordered. Just picked up a few sheets of sheet metal. Guess i'm goin that route. Not sure yet if i'm coverin the whole bottom, but i prob will to smooth it all out. Some body filler will help clean up some welds, i'll grind em smooth anyways tho. Thanks for the input all.
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