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Diesel reliability (Duramax)

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I've been looking at some used Duramax trucks (LB7's) to replace my current 1500. The majority of them in my price range have 150,000+ Miles on them. While I operate diesel engines that have countless miles and endless hours on them at work, I've had limited first hand experience with 'light duty' diesel engines. How many miles can you expect to get out of a 01-04 K2500 Duramax in all reality?

I had a 96 5.7L tahoe that had 212,000 miles that drove like a top, but I've also been in several gas vehicles with under 100K miles that are gutless. With out actually test driving a specific vehicle, is there a relative number when milage becomes to be a factor (i.e. I wouldn't buy one with over...)(hard for specific number, but just ball park it)I'm looking for something very reliable, and I hate replacing parts which is one reason I'd like to move over into a more durable engine. Is there a certain milage (like over 200K) that really sends reliability down hill?

What are some common wearable parts in these vehicles? What have you replaced and what would be my main trouble areas when dealing with the LB7? Are any parts nutorious for breaking down, Like the 4L60E or 10 bolt rear end of the 1500?

This will not be used for towing anything excessive, and in all reality will pry be used very little in the next 2-3 years milage wise. I'm the guy that drives 45 in a 45 and 59 in a 60, so there won't be any tire roasting or smoking blowing contests for me. I'm just curious to see if this would be a viable option for me. I know this thread is primarely guessing, and me asking for questions that don't have specific answers, but anything on the durability of the 01-04 Duramax's would really help :shake:

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I would copy and paste this onto if I were you
just do it they are nice over there
True, they have to be - so many old dudes w/no idea what's going on outside their town. :)

Mostly good and helpful guys though! I'm still researching a lot, but I did see a thread with a tear down of a DMax w/450k on it.

I'd look at the '95-97 Duramax, those are the ones with 9 cylinders, supposed to run forever.
I'd look at the '95-97 Duramax, those are the ones with 9 cylinders, supposed to run forever.
Why just get one?
I'd look at the '95-97 Duramax, those are the ones with 9 cylinders, supposed to run forever.
Agreed on dieselplace, especially about the older and maturer, but definitely more experienced.

Don't the 01's and 02's have the 200K mile warranty? Injectors are the only problems I've really heard of, and in fact a co-worker was talking about his friends' 01 that has 265K miles on it and just had to have the injectors replaced. $3,700 that wasn't covered.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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