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Digital Nitrous Window switch (never installed)

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I have a Window switch I bought with my nitrous setup about a year ago. I mounted it in the truck but never wired it up. Its just been sitting on the side of my console. one of the wires has a little hea damage from it touching another wire when it shorted but the unit is not damaged at all and it will not effect its performance. Trying to get funds for my dyno tune.

Its the one seen here:

$100 + shipping OBO

($129 + shipping new)
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can i see pics? also what brand is it? [email protected] for pics if you cant post them. thanks
Its a BMN fully digital switch. it has first gear lockout and outputs for a tach I believe... Let me find some pics... its just a black box with some writing on the side LOL...
up up and away
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