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I have a '90 Chevy 1500. Nothing special to speek of, just a normal pickup. I have recently had the rear main engine seal replaced and ever since my dipstick blows out. I mean when I drive down the road smoke pours out of the engine. The stick only comes out an inch or two but Damn. I was wondering if just replacing the dipstick would help or if something else is messing up.
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take off the oil fill cap off the other valve cover and see if smoke is coming out of there too, most likely it is. this is oil blow by. oil is getting into your enginve past your rings, or threw your valve seals. do a compression test and see if any cylinders are low on compression.
MA nthat sucks i have no qlue your best bet is a compression test.
I know for a fact it is blow by. It smokes like a nervous lab monkey. I think my best bet is to get a crate motor or a low-miles used motor. Any ideas on where to get one would help.
Yeah that sounds like your best bet man good luck.
I got everything figured out with a Toyota w/ a chevy 350.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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